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to get the rotors off;
1. remove wheel and lugs
2. Remove dust cap from hub and take of bearing lock bolt
3. Pull rotor.
4. Place rotor in vice. Take bearings out first, clean and let dry. then use 10mm allen sockect and 3 foot breaker bar.
5. Place on new rotors and blue locktite the allens tighten to spec torque.
6. repack bearings and put hub back on adjust bearing lock bolt to eliminate free play. Replace dust cap
7. reattach wheel.
good luck.

On noise could be timing chain slap not good pull valve covers and check cahin guides. Usually this is on the pasanger side in the US. How long does the noise last is it always there. If for a short period 30-40 secs can also be the airpump. again this is usually passenger side though. On drivers side could be the PS pump or hydrolic suspension pump.

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