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I knew E 420s owners who did not know about the "MADE IN MEXICO" issue would get highly sensitive about its REALITY.

Attached below is the official full production list for all model cars (tourstis as they officialy call them in Europe) made by Mercedes-Benz for production years 1995-1996 (tour. 95). This full production list covers models sold throught Europe, Latin America, some African and Asian countries (as it clearly refers for "lefthand drive").

Proof #1: Does anyone see a W124 E 420 / 400 E listed here?

I also have all the specific catalogs for W124 models for every year from 1986 up to 1995/6 in German and Spanish for the local markets in Germany, Spain and Latin America. No E 420 appears at in any on them.

In 1994 I ask the local M.B. dealer if an E 420 could be imported into the country. His answer was, and I quote: "E 420s are limited production models created exclusively for the U.S.A. and Canada, they are being assembled in México. We could provide you a quote on it, although we highly recommed against importing this model because we have recieved several negative comments about its final build quality. Get an E 500 instead."

Proof #2: Call the MBUSA toll free number and demand to know where exactly your E 420 was finally assembled. They should (by law) answer México.

VIN numbers does not at reflect country of final manufacture for a vehicle, since 100% of the pieces where coming from Germany for the E 420 and they were just put together in México, the car could be considered still German. Ask any G.M. pick-up owner about it.

Finally, would you have considered buying an E 420 at the Mercedes-Benz showroom if they had glued a big sticker on the side window that shouted: "PROUDLY BUILT IN MEXICO". I guess not. And please, do not get me wrong, I don't have anything against Mexican built goods, the matter is that if a consumer wants to pay for German engineering, he/she usually wants Geman built engineering.
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