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'89 560 SL... how should it handle?

My '89 560 SL does not seem to handle anywhere as near as well as my '86 300E did.

Steering was all over the place when I first bought it, so my mechanic replaced the idler arms and bushings...(as well as getting the car 4-wheel aligned) made it better, but not great. At highway speeds you really have to hold onto the wheel to keep the car going straight.

He did say the steering box was "weeping" and needed to be rebuilt, and said that there was some sort of adjustment that could be made to "tighten up" the steering.

Also, the whole car itself just does not seem to ride very smoothly or solidly.

The shocks and springs tested out ok when I had the car checked before purchase. I am wondering if I need to start replacing all sorts of bushings and mounts etc.

Sure, I know it is not a new car... but... I am expecting a solid ride. Going over bumps and ruts are hell.... car seems to really shake and rattle excessively.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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