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Originally posted by sixto
I'm not sure who exactly left the impression that he spoke out of his ***. One respondent said that there was a significant design difference between OEM and Wix in his application and another respondent, a veteran MB tech BTW, presented a reflection of his experience. Unfortunately the responses thus far have not had the substance to convince the thread initiator that a Wix oil filter is or is not appropriate for his car. They seem to have succeeded in convincing you that you are among the minority of respondents that knows what they're talking about.

" because i've read a lot of posts that came to that conclusion.
and no i don't have the info now to back it up. you asked
and i opined. i would put wix just below the genuine ones
wix is a good replacement if you can't get mann filters.


Wow...if reading a lot of posts makes him an veteran mercedes tech, I should be one of the top techs in the world.

He had no proof/support to back up his claim. IE he was talking out of his ass.

Arguments are something that I hold dear to my heart, and when I see people saying things like
"i've read a lot of posts that came to that conclusion and no i don't have the info now to back it up" they are talking out of their ass.

That woudl be like me getting on a soap box and saying "All mexicans are illegal immegrants to this country, we need to get rid of them....oh and I dont' have anything that will prove that they are illegal, just take my word on it"
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