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240D Return trip

Well I took a look at it and the body is not too bad. Only a couple of pin rust on the right hand side door. There is a large size rust about the size of a dollar bill up on the left fascia. The rear window glass is leaking, because there is water in the wheel well.
The motor started at a temp of less than 20 degrees. Made a terrible noise until it warmed up. Possiblity of a water pump. Plus there was a noise coming from the middle of the dash when returning the vehicle to idle? Didn't know what that was thought is was a heater motor but uncertain.
It is a four speed which I wasn't expecting. Owner stated vehicle was purchased in California, later bought in 1988 and later came to Michigan.
Seems to shift okay, really tight shift patterns. Clutch let out midpoint, so thought that was okay.
Talked to MB dealership in the area and they stated a vehicle like that would be worth about 1000-1200 max. Took me by surprized. Told the owner about that possibility and owner stated yes there is a possibliity that I could get a higher price in summer but would like to sell it now. Didn't seem to flinch at all when I stated the price maybe really lower than what expected.
Going to talk with wife and see if she wants a manual for New Years. It drives like a tank. Wasn't too sure about the pwer steering, not like the GM models where the vehicle steers real easy.
Youse guys were right on with the price.
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