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Hi suginami, thanks. Yes, 438,XXX is impressive, but I should mention that I've replaced quite a few things on this car in the past. Two water pumps, three front flex discs, one differential, both fuel pumps, one fuel distributor, all the injectors, two alternators, one radiator, complete exhaust system, shocks and struts, all steering linkage, two windshields (due to pitting), A/C compressor and hoses(although the evaporator is original), rear wheel bearings, and countless assorted filters, door checks, window regulators, switches, etc! I figure the cost in parts nearly equals the price of another car, but my friend has gotten three cars worth of service for the price of two. What amazes me the most is that the little 2.6L M103 has seen thousands of highway miles between New Jersey and Florida at 3,500-4,000 RPM for hours on end! The car is still a daily driver and we're hoping to reach 500K.
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