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Manuals available for each car?

I am posting this on the Tech area instead of the SL section. This should apply to all areas. And everyones input would be useful.
I want to complete my manual library for the 88 560SL. I have the 123 CD Service manual from Mercedes. It includes the following

Engine manual
Electrical trouble shooting manual
Maintenance manual
Owners manual
Climate Control Manual
Chassis and Body Manual

From I have the following list of available manuals

1. 83-89 SL electronic trouble shooting manual by Mercedes (107 series) for 380SL and 560SL with 380 & 560 engines.
2. 72-89 SL/C CHASSIS & BODY Shop Service Manual for 350 380 450 560 SL & SLC; 107 series, also 280 & 300 450SL 560SL 380SL 280SL 300SL 350SL
3. 83-91 Technical Data manual by Mercedes covering all passenger models.
4. 86-89 560SL parts identification manual by Mercedes for 560 SL
5. 72-89 SL 107 air conditioning service manual (107) for 450SL 450SLC 380SL 380SLC 560SL 500SL 280SL 280 380 450 300 500 560 SL & SLC
6. 86-91 420 560 engine service manual by Mercedes for 420SL 560SL 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC SL SEL SEC
7. 81-93 maintenance manual by Mercedes Benz for maintenance & light repair for all models
8. 72-89 SL SLC Service Manual on CD by Mercedes Benz for 107 series 350SL, 450SL, 560SL
9. 86-89 107 electrical troubleshooting manual by Mercedes for 420SL & 560SL

total $884.00

Items number 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 are on the W123 CD.

The Technical data manual (3) and the Parts Id manual (4) are not on the CD. Are they included in the SL CD?
I would think that the Parts Identification Manual would be very useful. What about the Technical Data manual?

An explaination of the manuals would be helpful and which ones you like and find invaluable would also help.

1. Are the all these manuals, listed above, on the SL Cd?
2. An explanation of the individual manual would be helpful.
3. Are there any other manuals you can recommend?
4. Does the SL CD have any other manuals besides what listed on the 123 CD.
5. You see the CD manuals listed on Ebay for $10-20. Are these good manuals I find the Mercedes manuals pictures are poor, almost useless compared to the paper Manual.
6. Does anyone know how to make the PDF files show a better picture in the CD manual?

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