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Question 2.6 Head Replacement / Timing Chain Data

After rebuilding the cylinder head completely, and starting the engine, I have experienced some difficulties in engine operation, with it cranking cold and dying when it warms. I read in a post that the computer picks up if it's out of time, but will still run the engine. I have been running my engine, but it warms up and dies, weak red/orange spark when warm. Tested TDC (crank) sensor, it passed the test. Tested plugs....hitest gasoline (rust-free) and compression test passed, all cylinders.

I was wondering if my engine timing may be my case of shutting down when warmed up (along with random flooding), if the camshaft timing is not set properly, according to specifications unknown to myself. I have limited technical data for this automobile currently, and would appreciate any technical assistance.

Thanks in advance. By the way, I have a spare 3.0 head (bare casting only) with valve cover, & head bolts that I have no use for.

1987 300E 2.6 engine
Artic White/Navy interior
Aftermarket Benz Chrome rims
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