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Here is harebrained idea, but what the heck....From what I have gathered, the pulley itself almost never fails in service. When the belt tension is removed, they fall apart. Can you have the bracket welded and then "stuff the pulley" back together? You could then limp home, keeping a watchful eye on the temp and a frequent look under the hood?

I recently replaced my serpentine belt and did the pulley at the same time at the suggestion of a MB tech. This was a very very good suggestion!

Your only other choice is to stand at a busy intersection with a sign, "will work for food". But you better hide the car, it is hard to take someone serious who is sitting on the hood of a MB!

But seriously, good luck. If I had any parts for this car, I would gladly have sent them to you. Why don't you post your local contact info incase there are any good Samaritans in that area?

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