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So Many Items

Larry, For seasonnal storeage per MB, all of the before mentioned items, add to them, lift the wheels off the ground, secure any open areas rodents or cats may nest, wax the car completely with a quality wax and when all the other items have been done, cover the car with a soft(cheap) car cover, drain and renew the anti-freeze, check the windshield washer bottle for fluid, with the engine running poor a light oil into the intake slowly at first then a lot chocking the engine then turn the key off. This lubes the valves and the combustion chamber. Also remove the spark plugs and squirt a light motor oil into the cylinders then turn the engine over with the starter. Replace the plugs only finger tight. If I have overlooked anything another member will help you. The last thing is to remove the Battery, top of the water and set aside with a trickle charger attached. Happy Trail Beep Beep from Houston.

we don't have cold storeage here
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