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Thanks Chuck for the reply.

Yes, the cap and wires are new, new plugs, fuel (fuel tank just cleaned) and coil tested good also, with wire connections good too.

I was really wondering if anyone has had a simular situation with a 2.6 head replacement, with the timing marks being an issue, but you raise strong points as well Chuck. All I have to test with is a voltmeter, digital voltmeter and trial and error, along with prayer, that always helps.

I cranked the engine yesterday, and once warmed up had to rev it to clear it out, to see if it would idle or load up with fuel, and it loaded up. The engine tached 7K, and ran exceptionally well....well between 900rpm to 7K that is, but I would love to be able to drive this car.

Have not unplugged the EHA yet, as I have torn down the top of the engine to verify engine timing (cam and crank marks) once again. I did try a search on this timing topic, but only returned two results, one in which was my post. I know that there is plenty of info here about the W124's but now I'm seeking knowledge from the techs that have had this situation.

Dot on cam appears to be off a fraction from the timing mark boss on the head to the crank mark on TDC. When I attempted to align again, I rotated the engine and each time it looks off at the head timing mark. Maybe the chain is stretched? It has 212,000 miles on engine, and it is very strong. Or maybe Mercedes is designed to be set up like that and the computer compensates in engine timing.....I am not sure, but would appreciate a reply from those of you who do know.
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