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Chucks advice?

Thanks for the reply Larry.

My chain has not jumped timing, and I don't suspect that at all, but I do suspect that I did not properly align the timing marks to get it exact, and I read where the computer will read this and not operate the engine properly.

I have no doubt that my timing chain is fine. I did verify the timing marks, and it is off by almost 10 degrees, but it reved to 7K yesterday. Does this sound right to you Larry? I am simply trying to verify that everything is in good working order, from the timing to the fuel system before I do anything else.

Also, when I put the timing back to where TDC is up and the cam marks align with the timing boss mark on the head.....I rotate the engine and once rotated it shows up as being out of time again. You are right Larry, the chain has one of the toughest and best built tensioners that I have ever encountered in my many years of being an auto mechanic, but I have not specialized in Mercedes, so that's why I am here.... .....seeking advice from the pro's. Also, I have limited technical data on hand.

Thanks for your replies.
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