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Frustrated w/ignition tumbler RR 86 300E

I did a search and read about removing and replacing an ignition tumbler on my 1986 300E.

Last night I got stuck at the mall for about 1/2hr trying to turn the key. After numerous tries shaking the key, it finally gave in and started. I made it home and I left the key in the ignition so that I could remove and replace the ignition tumbler as suggested by the archive post on this forum

I made a "special tool" with a bicycle wheel spoke. I stuck into the 2 holes with the key in the #1 position, I would then simutaneously pull on the key attempting to get the whole assembly out. I've been at it for 3hrs and I'm ready to get a hammer an pound the !@#$ out of car. What am I doing wrong?

Can someone who has already done it please walk me through this? It's driving me crazy. I know it shouldn't be that hard according to the archived post. Someone please guide me in the right direction.
1986 Gold 300E 4Dr automatic
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