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Trouble-shooting cause of blown fuse

It's been a while. Glad you're all still here.

I put the top down here in Dallas today. It was a little chilly but with the heater and seat heater it was real nice. Around 5:00 I turned on the headlights and the blown exterior light indicator came on. I stopped at the next red light and could see that the passenger (right) side parking light was out. Thought it was a bulb. As it got a little darker, noticed the instrument panel was not lighted either. Got home and checked the fuse box. An 8 amp fuse was blown in the #3 position. Replaced it and it blew again. And again. No more wasting fuses.

The fuse box cover says the following for fuse #3:

"parking/tail light right, headlamp cleaning unit, illumination: license plate, instrument, control elements"

All that stuff is out. (Notice no mention of the convertible top controls at this fuse.) How do I track this little bugger down? I hope there is some common failure that will be a first place to look.

Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas / Happy Chanukah!

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