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Arrow Chain Tensioner

Thanks Larry for the reply. i double checked cam/crank timing again and sealed valve cover up. Now the plugs are so fouled with gas that I have to remove & clean them before they will fire the engine again (new plugs - 2nd set).....but the spark color, when warm/warming up goes faint to a red/orange. My Honda is bright blue, as a spark from solid state ignition should be...but the 2.6 seems lacking, for some reason. I thought of crank TDC sensor, but am not that much famililar with the computer system, other than the sensor could possibly making the computer out of loop, and flooding.

Anyway, Merry Christ-mas to ya as well, and to all that read these posts. Lets not forget the Happy New Year also! Hopefully it will be the year of my 2.6 engine operating exceptionally well !

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