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Originally posted by wolf_walker
A given filter will often be of varying design/quality across a group of seperate applications. As in, filter A may be well made and fine and dandy for this Ford, but may well not be well made and fine and dandy for this Chevy.
I've seen first hand evidence of this several times. I've also seen manufacturers quietly change construction techniques without a word, often not to the better. It pay's to be observant.
I think this is due to communication/lack of communication between engine manufacturers and part manufacturers. This was what I was referring to with my Mazda B2200. Mazda changed the filter recommendation and design on the oil filter for that engine to one that incorporated two anti-drainback valves. Wix was the only aftermarket filter manufacturer to incorporate this change (Wix 51357), while Fram, Purolator, etc., all kept the obsolete filter design and recommendation (equivalent of a Wix 51356).
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