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Those are different and new cars, built since ATF has evolved to its current formula. Think about it, don't you think that they might have different seal material that is not effected by ATF?

It's possible that the newer MB's built in the last few years since ATF's evolution MIGHT have seals that would be tolerant. Are you willing to risk several hundreds of dollars in potential repair to save about a buck and a half for a fluid that rarely needs replenishing anyway? The risk/reward here doesn't appeal to me.

For the older MB's it is KNOWN that the seal material is not compatible with modern ATF. The manuals specify it, but their crystal ball had no way of knowing that ATF would change. I have personally paid the price in resealing a pump because of this.

It's up to each individual to make their own choices and also take responsibility for their own decisions. It's your car and your free to use what you want. I am simply trying to share information. Do with this information what you wish.

Merry Christmas,
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