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A note on the "dreaded green coolant" -- it has less corrosion protection than Xerex G-05 or the MB coolant, and the anti-corrosives tend to precipitate out into insoluble complexes in the presence of aluminum. I've seen this personnally -- my sister blew a head gasket a couple years ago on her Volvo 740 Turbo on the highway -- there was corrosion on the head so bad there was almost nothing left at the combustion chamber seal.

I do no know when of if the coolant was ever changed, and there was so little left I couldn't even tell from the odor what condition it was in (no top of being cooked. like the oil), but I'm using Xerex G-05 in all my cars as I change them out.

Very long engine life is an expectation in Europe, as people tend to keep cars much longer over there. MB (and VW, etc) have spent quite a bit of time and money finding ways to reduce or eliminate corrosion problems, the main killer of aluminum rads. I'll take their advice.

You may do as you please.

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