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I had some serious noise problems with some aftermarket pads earlier this year on my 96 c280. My new OEM rotors seemed to be warped after a very short time with the aftermarket pads. Just for fun, I did some repeated stops from high speed and checked the rotors with a pyrometer. I repeated this about 20 times to try for some semblance of scientific method. I then switched pads to my old OEM ones and repeated the experiment. The old, worn OEM pads gave me rotor temperatures about 50 deg. C less than the aftremarket pads (front rotors - I didn't check rears), and didn't squeal. The aftermarket pads made a horrendous noise and had an extremely heavy pedal feel, as well as a pronounced fade when very hot. They didn't work worth a darn when cold either. There was only that middle ground when they were at their best. Clearly the aftermarket pads were not absorbing and dissipating any of the heat themselves but were leaving that job up to the rotors. The OEM rotors I guess were designed to work best with the OEM pads, and that's where I am today - new OEM rotors and pads. That being said, I had a set of Mintex pads and Stillen drilled rotors on my old 190e. They were absolutely without peer on that car.
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