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Post Voltage on disconnected coil wires with the ignition switched "on"

Would anyone know off hand what the voltage on disconnected coil wires with the ignition switched "on" should read?

I have tested mine and only have one wire (out of four individual wires) reading battery voltage at the coil. Coil tests good, but the spark in the cylinders is not enough to crank engine. It had been cranking then warming up to die.....checked spark and it appears to be a red/orange color...very weak. Now, I have to remove the new spark plugs and dry them in order to get any combustion in the engine without it running properly (with injectors and fuel operating properly). Crank sensor tests good cold. OVP resolder job last week, new cap, rotor, fuel (& filter), rebuilt head ($552.06 - I believe this is the exact price I paid the machine shop)

Plugged, or unplugged EHA makes no difference....all fuses check ok....maybe someone would be able to verify that only one of the coil wires (unscrewed from the coil) should be reading battery voltage. I also removed and cleaned ignition control unit, made sure all connections are clean....

Please help....thanks, and Merry Christ-mas! & Happy New Year!
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