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Thanks Haas. I did just as you suggested. Rear lights no problem. Seem okay. The front side markers are a bit of a bear to get at, so I just unplugged and tested. Fuse blew. On to the license plate lights. Unscrewed the assembly and one of the connectors looked slightly burned, so I unplugged it and tested. Did not blow the fuse! I gave myself a high-five and pulled a blue connector out of the tool box and connected and tried. Blew the fuse. Called the dealer and ordered the assembly for $30. Unplugged the connector and taped it with electrical tape so it wouldn't ground out and replaced the assembly. Alas, last night before church when I turned on the lights, POP. So I'm not done yet. Any tips? Have I found the problem but just not correctly handled it? Thanks again.
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