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The OVP is one of the top causes of stalling conditions. When I first read this post I decided not to make a statement as I evidently misread the telling intermittant symptom.

My first advice would have been there is no way it would be a OVP as it is almost impossible for a car running down the road to be severely impacted by the loss of the KE electronics (which is what happens with a defective OVP).

I haven't reread the original post but this last post equates probably the single most common condition writen about on this site: the OVP failure with ABS light coming on. The engine effect in this case is hard starting and possible stalling.

The word stalling is the key to interpreting this post. Stalling is the act of engine dieing from an idle position. My impression of the stated condition (I will go back and reread) was that the carwas driving down the road and it died. Just about an impossible condition to be caused by OVP.

Actually I couldn't wait to see if it was I that couldn't read and here it is: "My wife was driving along, foot on the gas"

While I can dream of a situation where the above statement and an OVP could be the problem. It is very unlikely and would require the car to be in severe misadjustment for it to happen. Based upon the assumption that the car is fixed, it goes to show that listening can get one into trouble. My best guess is that the car died while rolling (in the idle position) and it was mis stated that the foot was on the gas.

I mention this now not to be contrary, but to insure proper concept is attached to OVP. It seems a never ending battle.
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