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Smile Voltage at coil

Hi Steve and Larry - and Merry Christ-mas to you both!

I have been experiencing a weak intermittent spark, and now I have to dry the new plugs for it to do anything....too much fuel is what the problem has been, but when I checked the spark at #1, it was reddish/orange, so maybe the coil is weak. Now is this coil any different that my solid-state coil located on my Honda Accord? I believe it is the same, and would like to try it.

Rust has been my main problem, as the car had been sitting, and when I got it, the head gasket was blown since it left a shop where it had been repaired, and the cooling fan with shroud was left off the car (can you even imagine that??????) the car was loaned out for someone to sell, and that guy loaned it to some illegal migrant workers, and all they could do is put regular gas in it and drive it back and forth to work. Rust had build up in the gas tank, and the fuel sending unit was bad (I found out when it ran out of gas) so I removed the tank and cleaned it, replaced the fuel filter and cleaned both pumps.

When I bought the car, the overflow would boil over and the engine would start missing after warming up, and it was difficult to crank, taking about 5 to 7 revolutions to actually crank up.

The car is in great shape body wise, and the interior is almost perfect.....only if I could get the engine almost perfect...I would drive it until I sell the drivetrain, and then replace it with what I want under the hood (340 Mopar "Baby Hemi"....or maybe the 345 HP Hemi.....I'm just not sure which one I want).

I had a good reason asking what voltage at the coil wires should be (disconnected) as the cigarette lighter has a short in it. It had been used at one time to power a cell phone, so not knowing the wiring on this car, I thought the short may have something to do with low voltage at the coil wires. But if you say (Steve) that only one wire should have voltage (hot side) then I'll start tracing wires again. Fues are all good, windows are not operating properly though, so maybe a relay is bad.

Thanks for the heads up on the coils Steve. I had to replace a coil on a 89 560 about two years ago, as it was giving a very weak spark just like mine is doing now, and that cleared up the 560.

I really appreciate both of you guys and your willingness to help others here. If either of you need any web hosting or want to purchase any domain names, or even need a website, email me (through this site) and I can sure help you there (email me for details). Or if you want you current website to have more visitors of your choice, say the word. I can assist, and you guys would be on my special discounted pricing list . My site is at

Well it's Chrsit-mas day and I will be performing all the tests that I can do today, without plugging the fuel distributor and checking for leaks (thanks for your reply to the many posts in a search that I did last night are truly a life-saver, and a good guy that has patience like I is a gift from God and seeing all the kind hearted people here helping others is also a gift from God as well. God bless you all!
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