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I had an older S320SWB as a service loaner and LOVED it. the W140 chassis is rock solid and luxurious to a fault. The 3.2L engine is as smooth as anyone else's V-8, and the car is easier to maintain thanks to the engine. It's "light on it's feet" for such a massive car, and I didn't want to return it.


It does lack the punch of the V-8 cars. It has all the foibles of the W140 cars including electrical and AC problems. S420/S500 cars are not much more used.

If I were shopping for a W140 and came across a dream-boat S320 and a less cherry S500, I'd take the S320. Equal cars, I'd probably go for the gusto and get the V-8. Go in with your eyes open as the W140 takes a bigger wallet to keep in premium condition than a W124.
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