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Help from CT diesels owners

This is an emissions question for diesel owners that live in CT. I will be moving back to CT in the summer (June/July). Here in NJ diesels are exempt from any emission testing, they just get a "safety inspection". I have been going through the CT DMV site have learned that diesels get an "optical" test. I am not too concerned about my '87 TD, but my '83 TD does smoke at idle, but not that much. Of course "not much" is relative. How strict is CT on older diesels? Is this optical test (shinning light through the exhaust) done at idle, or under a load and at a certain speed. I know that back in the day if your gasoline car failed the idle test, they would get the car up to 30 mph (on the rollers) and take a second reading. How does the diesel test go.
While I am asking CT DMV related questions, what do I need to do to register 17 and 21 year old cars? In the past anything over 10 years old, from out of state, required a "safety inspection". If this is still true, where does this get done and what exactly are they looking for.? Thank you in advance.
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