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Re: 1989 300te questions:

Originally posted by Eliot
I might as well get all the questions out at one time (until next time), instead of drips and drabs.
1. With Blizzards ONLY on the rear, the car wanders and feels unstable. I have ordered another set for the front...Are these cars generally "precise" handlers?
Always, always, every time... run snow tires at all 4 points. Especially on a rear wheel drive car. The wagon feels unstable with snows on the rear because of the disparity of friction produced between front and rear wheels.
I have used Yokohama F720 special purpose snow tires (soft cell studless) for 3 winters. Excellent on snow and ice. They produce some high pitched whine on smooth surfaces, but they cruise very nicely at 90 mph.


2. My former rig...Volvo 740, after making a turn, the steering wheel would zip back to a straight path...this car I have to sometimes "help" it return. What is this a symptom of?
The Mercedes has a "heavy" steering feel. I think it is to provide a more stable steering feel at higher speeds.


3. The trunk lid (wagon lid) won't stay up in cold weather. Is this to be expected? I would hate to spend the cash for new pistons and have the same reaction.
My wagon has the same problem. At cold temperatures, I must prop the tailgate up with my noggin. oh well.


5. What is an EXCELLENT 3 season tire to order for when the Blizzards are taken off? I have the typical 15" wheel.
I like the higher dollar Bridgestone potenza series. RE910 I think. I even ran them for the first winter I had the car. Ski trips to the Colorado Rockies.
Yokohama Avid H4 is what I have now, but they float on water and slush. Ick. They also seem to wear faster than the Bridgestone Potenza series.

1990 300TE
210k miles
Engine: 103.983
Chassis: 124.090
17/27 mpg

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