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Jim, thank you for the quick reply. For the safety insp., I would imagine that they check for rust holes in the floor boards and such. Mine are perfect, but I have usual rust at the trailing edge, towards the bottom of the rear fender lips. My father had the same proble in a Buick, in VA and they made him repair it. Their theory is that since the exhaust was on that side of the car, fumes could work thier way into the passenger compartment. This area is my only concern about the physical inspection of the '83.
So, switching to synthetic, particularlly Delvac 1, reduced your smoke. My smoke is not really blue, just light gray with just a touch of blue. Curently I have Delo 400 in the '83 and Mobil 1 15W-50 in the '87.
I am trying to get things in order with the cars because I will have enough going on without having to deal with failing vehicle insp.
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