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Ethan Selzer
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87 300E No Upshift

I am the second owner of an 87 300E with 125k miles. The carís transmission worked very well until one day it refused to upshift. I spoke to two Mercedes mechanics in my area and both offered reasonable prices for a rebuild ($1650, $1700) but were not willing to consider the possibility of making a partial repair. I understand their position but would like to get advise on possible causes and partial repairs before electing for a full rebuild.

Here are some characteristics of the problem:
1. If the selector lever is placed on the lowest option (2) the car will start out in first gear but will not upshift until the selector is placed into the next highest position (3) Ė then it will shift into second gear normally but will not upshift beyond second gear.
2. If the selector lever is placed on D the car will start out in second gear and will not upshift even at 5,000 rpm.
3. Otherwise the transmissions behavior is normal.
4. Fluid level is correct and fluid condition appears to be good.
5. The transmission does not leak.
6. The transmission does not make any unusual noises.

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