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I wonder how the car could run well for 2 days with another used fuel pressure regulator when I had the problem again?

Now with a brand new FPR, I can't get it to run well.

I took out the rotary idle valve and cleaned it with carb cleaner.With the engine running if I pull off the connector, idle goes up and when I re-connect it, there is a click and idle goes back down.So it's working.

Took off the FD and look between it and the AFM.O-ring seal is good and no leaks.

Cracked lines going to injectors at fuel distributor head and could bleed clean fuel from all 4 lines with the engine running.

Looked at fuel pump/fuel filter/accumulator and found no leaks.

Fuel pump/fuel filter/accumulator look very new.

Fuel pump was not making any unusual noises.
No hardstarts whne warm so accumulator is working.
Took off fuel filter and only clean fuel came out, besides never had any hesitation at high speeds so the filter is good.

Took out and cleaned 4-pin coolant temp sensor.Tested when cold abt 3k+ ohms and abt 280 ohms at abt 85 deg C so it's ok.

Currently driving with the EHA off anyway so no cold starts (cold start valve is ok and not leaking).But this eliminates the electrics from the problem.

Definitely a mechanical problem.

If the "new" used FD is bad, I wonder how it could go bad after just 2 months?

Another concern I have is that assuming in this case that the FD has gone bad and I swap it out again, it may go bad again in a couple of months?Is something causing my FDs to go bad?Or am I just unlucky?

Or could the problem not be the FDs and be something else that I have missed?

Ignition stuff are fairly new (less than a year) but they wouldn't cause the car to run rich.

Anything else in the fuel system I should check that I have missed?

I checked the entire length of the exhaust but did not see any O2 sensor (but I have pin 3 on X11!!!).Even if I did, and it was faulty, the car still runs rich with the EHA off so this possibility is eliminated as well.

Could a faulty EZL controller contribute to rich running with the EHA off?ECU?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance guys.
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