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Originally posted by Bud
Businesses use bulk for two reasons...for convenience and to maximize profits.

I seriously doubt that business men ever consider ecology over profit when they make decisions about how they do business.

Motor oil used to come in cardboard cylinders with metal ends. A special spout had to be used and they were very messy. Consumer demand brought the plastic containers that were cleaner and easier to use, they contained the oil and the spout in one neat and clean package. Steve's business uses the bulk containers because they cut costs, are more convenient and are easier to use.

Business need to take ecology into account only where profits will increase. If a company spends more to recycle that it's worth, profits fall and people could get fired. Please take Macroeconomics in College.

When I worked at IBM, there were e-mails about changes that reduced costs through recycling or process.

Profit is actually good.


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