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Problem solved

Jeez. Lots of machination to find the root of the problem. Finally pulled out the lower half of the trunk liner and pulled the wires out of the hinge. Stripped down far enough to see that one of the license plate light wires and one ground wire had totally separated from the years of bending in the same spot. (I use my trunk a lot since I have a 2-door.) So I spliced and fashioned a plastic stint to keep the wire from bending at the splice, wraped her back up nice and pretty with electrical tape and she works good. The only trick I can pass on was that where I spliced and stinted there was a big bulge in the bundle of wires and it had to have a piece of rubber conduit pass over it. So I wiped a little silicone on the bulge and the conduit was able to stretch over.

I spent about $10 bucks on fuses and bulbs. Probably took me five or six hours, stopping and starting from the first day of misdiagnosis through today. I hate to think what it would have cost me if I had to take to the shop and have them track the short. Thanks for all your help Haasman and KenP

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