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remote control transmitter

Once again I need some advice! I have a C180 Classic 1995 on which the remote control has just failed (and I do not have a spare). The car is presently parked on a neighbour's drive (we had a xmas party and I moved my car to allow others to park) but I am now unable to move it because the car alarm and immobiliser is in the on position and cannot be switched off. The light on the remote transmitter unit is not operating even with new batteries. I can open the doors with the manual key but cannot start the engine because of the immobiliser. As soon as possible I know that I need to order a new Transmitter unit from MB (unless there is another alternative) but is there some way by which I can bypass this problem and move my car. I recently had to replace the clutch master cylinder and noticed what I took to be the alarm unit in the driver's footwell. Would it be possible to bypass the immobiliser/alarm by rewiring? I realise that this information could be valuable to a car thief and so am happy for respondents to use my e-mail address: hope that my previous posts may help vouch for my ownership of this car!)'.
Is there any other transmitter I could use? Another neighbour has two new MBs would it be worthwhile trying those transmitters (I realise that there would be a low probability of a a match but I am desperate to stop blocking my neighbour's drive).
I would also be grateful if someone could confirm that the transmitter is the problem if the light does not come on (I also checked the new batteries with my meter just in case!)
With thanks for any advice.
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