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I would guess that all the vehicles with sludge problems would not have sludge problems if serviced properly.

The only way I would blame Chrysler on this is if they did all the services that THEY recommended. The recommended service intervals are marketing BS and the manufacturers should probably be held responsible, but I'll bet the kid didn't change his oil till his oil pressure light started coming on, repeatedly!

Its pretty cool with the new FSS system. I have been in numerous cars with 60-80k on them that show having 4 oil changes. I'll guarantee MB motors will make it out of warrantee and into someone elses hands before an owner that did NO oil changes had a sludge related problem on a MB with less than 50k.

This is why the manufacturers get away with their recommended intervals. The people who buy the cars new never see the damage they do and its only on POS brands that such problems even show up before the first hundred k.
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