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No need to defend your position Steve

Hi Steve,

As we all know, there are many dishonest people in the world, and my remarks were not meant to attack the auto industry, nor your shop, and you are right, money is not one of the buttons for me either, never has been. I'm doing alright....takin' what there's givin' cause I'm workin' for a livin'. There is nothing on this planet that will ever compensate me when I help others, and they can not afford to pay me, like helping people broke down on the highway, or helping someone get back on their feet because their car or truck died in their yard and they don't have transportation to and from work. The satisfaction of knowing that I helped someone with their problem is worth more than money could ever supply. I'm a people person...I can communicate with anyone, and I care about humanity and how people treat people.

My point in my last post is to get another opinion....just like consulting an attorney when you need to, or a doctor. I did not question you or your shop, nor your please don't think you need to defend your position, because I'm there with you. The woman in my story above had an automatic transmission to be serviced....and the mechanic came out with a syncronizer from a manual transmission...just trying to point out that most people with little or no knowledge of mechanics can and do get ripped off. If you really want to see how corrupt people can be, just take a walk back in the history of politicians and slavery, and other "government" agencies.....let me stop now ....but you get my point. I am honored that professionals like you Steve are standing up for what you believe in, and treating people with respect and being honest about it. If you did not have honesty and integrity about yourself, it would show....even in these posts on this message board.

As I can relate an automobile to a human being, to me it's an outer representation of the owners' personality and therefore represents that person, and if it is not operating properly, then it needs to be fixed. AND, when the problem is fixed, it has a positive affect on the owner, since the automobile represents the owner. What mechanics and technicians do is a very important process of self-healing the owner. I personally know this to be true, and have noticed it for a long time now.

What technicians and mechanics do (whether they are aware of it or not) is part of a process called "Etheric Surgery"....and with the human being this process is a very important one when dealing with personal healing (which includes emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing aspects of the human be-ing).
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