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Thank you Steve for the speedy and informative response. I will check the frequency valve the next time I start her up. I'll feel for a buzz, much like the buzz off the auxiliary heat pump which is NOT buzzing.

The car was like night and day in running when I replaced the cap, rotor and wires, still, I don't trust it to go anywhere. I worry about such a catastrophic electrical trauma such as it had.

Yet today when I drove it around the block, it was superb. I have to think in my mind that if the Mercedes Dealer said it needed major work, then my little jaunt would turn into a tow if extended. In the back of my mind, I think they were wrong. But, I won't know for sure until I test out all of the systems. I have the CD, and have this place, the W116 manuals and your input as well.

Thanks Steve!

My new starting point is the alternator which started all of the problems to begin with. If it tests okay, then something is running, shorted, etc., which IS a problem.

I intend to keep posting on updates, though I might be the only 1980 450SEL poster here!

I might just start it up and realize that all problems are solved, wouldn't that be nice?

Steve, could you tell me the proper way to check for RPM's? I have a dwell/RPM meter. Am I supposed to hook it to number 3 and ground? I did that and got no reading at all. It troubled me because my dash tach is not working.

Thanks so much
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