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as good a guess as can be.

i know these cities. i wouldn't be driving around in them in a convertible as a nonentity. let alone as a hated military dictator.

decoy? hmmmmm.

no, there is something strange about these pix as the illustration for the sty concerning a failed "hit".

no one in musharraf's position in that part of the world would ever be tooling around in anything less than a fully armored Sonderklasse benz.

even the car in the background is another w124.

unless pakistan has become suddenly more impoverished, something doesn't jibe.

neither musharraf, nor his predecessors, ever failed to be driven in anything but a fully-armored S klasse benz.

in pakistan, musharraf being driven in w124's is tantamount to the president of the usa being chauffered in chrysler lebarons.

just doesn't happen.

there is something very wrong with this story. that is all i can say. pix and the sty don't work.
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