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Sticky throttle

Get a friend to assist you in this project. Than remove the air cleaner housing for careful inspection of the throttle linkage areas.Carefully inspect the area immediate to the gas pedal and have your assistant simulate acceleration while you view the movements of the related linkages from the firewall forward. Limit the action with the pedal by slowly depressing and then releasing. There is a problem and it could be as simple as lubricating the balls at opposite ends of the different linkages. Below is something I have tried with great success. Before you apply the SIL-GLYDE clean the surfaces completely!!!
SIL-GLYDE from NAPA stores is probably the best thus far for this application. It has all the desirable properties,
non-melting,non-freezing,non-gumming,weatherproof,effective from -20* to +600*F and harmless to rubber. The best method
for applying would be from the 4oz. tube brushed on and than on a regular basis every six to twelve months. This stuff is great on all rubber seals to doors, trunk and engine compartment. All rubber bushings, speedometer cables, brake pads, calipers etc. etc.!!! I can`t say enough for this product so see for yourself.

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