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Wow. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help. I have been looking for a 89-91 560 SEL and I'm actually willing to spend a little more for a flawless example of one--from an old lady who only drove it on Sundays).

The thing I liked about the '87 was the price tag on all the work. I forgot to mention that I'm trading down from a '97 E420. This is the link to my Ebay Ad:

I have a deposit and we'll close on it after Christmas. Unfortunately, the check engine light came on, again. I can't wait to see the bill for this one. The previous check engine light cost me $380.00! That included the diagnostic machine, replacing one of my coils, and changing the spark plugs. I am now in the unfortunate situation of having a ready buyer, but I can't deliver the car.

She doesn't want to leave me. She's like a loyal dog to its owner. I love these cars and can't wait to have a 126.

Does anyone on the board know of a cherry car with a perfect paper history, maybe original owner? Thanks so much for your help.

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