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W124 2.5 TD Leaky diesel injector pump

I tried "search" but couldn't find a direct answer. I own a 92 2.5 TD and the injector pump is leaking badly around the bottom of the pressure valve housings. I read in another thread you can replace them DIY, but it didn't specify which year vehicle was in question. I've been told by a very experienced mechanic that once you open those pressure valve housings to replace the washer and seal, the unit (pump) must be recalibrated to deliver the proper cc's of fuel. I don't want to go cheap and blow a perfectly good engine. Worst case, I can get the pump rebuilt for $600. Taking it out is no big deal except for that pump locking tool that holds the mechanicals inside when removed. I want to do this right, and if it's expensive then so be it. I just want the straight scoop!
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