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Good info!

I had taken the FD out last week to check for a leak but it was not leaking in the bottom if I remember correctly.

Took the AF plate off and checked the inner wall but it was just a little moist.

O-ring between FD and AFM also in good condition.

Excessive pressure seems to be the problem, which urged me to put in a brand new FPReg to remove it from the equation.

But now, the car still performs the same.

because there is excessive pressure in the fuel line. It happens when there is dirt and water in it
Did you mean that there could be dirt and water in the FD?

So it seems that from the steps you have described, we are actually driving the dirt/water from the FD out thru' the injectors.

I have bled the FD at the lines on top of it going to the injectors (with the engine running).Bleeding each line resulted in clean fuel leaking from it and caused the engine to idle a little rougher.The results were equal across all 4 lines.

So the FD is firing on all 4 injectors but something is crapping out it's ability to perform properly.

How was your car running before you went thru' the steps described in your post?

Tks, dude.
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