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300E 2.8 Idleproblem

I hope this isn't a duplicate. Even though I was logged in, when I tried to post, it said I wasn't logged in. When I logged in, the post was gone, so I'm trying again.

Thanks for looking!

I have searched the archives and I am trying to relate what I read with my MBUSA Service Manual CD-ROM. I have a 93 300E 2.8 with (I believe) the HFM-SFI injection system. My MBUSA CD-ROM service manual appears only to describe the CIS-E system with the mechanical air flow sensor, while my car has the hot wire MAF sensor. I can't find some of the components mentioned in the archives (e.g. cold start injector between cylinders 3 and 4.)

I don't have access to a Bosch FI service book.

My symptoms are the car starts quickly but will not continue running unless the throttle is cracked. It happens always when cold and most times when hot. Once started, however, it will keep running at a proper idle RPM. Occasionally (once every few days) it will die when I take my foot off the accelerator pedal quickly, like when a light changes when I am close and I stop in a hurry.

Putting everything I read together, it seems like the problem is the integrated cruise control, throttle body, and idle control. Is that a reasonable diagnosis? If so, is cleaning likely to help? I have looked at the throttle butterfly and there is a sooty deposit on the outboard side of the butterfly plate and on the bore where the plate closes. I have not opened the throttle and looked at the inside.

If cleaning it is likely to be helpful are there any recommended on-car cleaners or must it be removed?

Where can I find my injection system in the MBUSA service CD-ROM?

Thanks for any assistance.

Al Waschka
93 300 E 2.8; 147,000 miles;new paint;keyless; rest stock
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