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Question Pin #3 Voltage Readings?

Does anyone know what pin #3 at the service connection should read with ignition on and a fully charged battery? Battery voltage is at 12.41 with radio playing, at 65 degrees.

My readings at service connection:
Pin #1>11.48 volts
Pin #2> 0.00 volts
Pin #3> 3.76 volts >>seems low from what I've read in other posts...
Pin #4> 12.33 volts
Pin #5> 12.33 volts
Pin #6> 12.37 volts

Readings at TDC (crank) sensor plug: 794 ohms

Voltage reading at EHA plug (disconnected)> 4.14 volts

Fuel Pump Relay:
Pin # 1> 2.18 volts
Pin # 8> 12.40 volts
Pin # 9> 12.31 volts
Pin # 10> 11.47 volts

When the fuel dist. was checked under pressure, it was damp, and wet each time when depressed by thumb. Actually the stem/seal fit is loose...very loose, where the stem travels through the adjustment/locking cap. Maybe someone rearranged this fuel dist. before I purchased the automobile?.....the locking washer showed evidence. If I need another fuel dist. for parts (to obtain correct fitting to the stem locking cap), would someone have a bad fuel dist. for parts? Will make more tests tomorrow and post them here. Thanks for everyone sharing info, especially to Steve!
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