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Smile Last Call

"Last Call" has a few meanings, other than what a bartender would say around closing time....LOL! But the meaning I am referring to is a bad fuel distributor is the Last Call that you want to make while repairing your car.

You made mention that you installed a used fuel dist. and nothing changed. Have you gone back to the fuel dist. that you just took off and re-installed it to verify that you have the same issues?

Believe me, I am, and have been running my flooding issues down like a cat running across a hot tin roof in July! I would love to be able to crank up my 300E and drive to the grocery store and back (don't want to get my hopes up too high) but flooding is still present.

Rust attacked my fuel system, from the fuel sending unit in the tank being faulty. I had the engine running like a freshly oiled Singer at the factory show-room, and then started driving for a test. About 4 miles the engine started dying out, and I had to pull over (at don't go for a test drive after sun down LOL! ). My fabulous running engine has been a faint memory as I work on obtaining that special feel and sound that I experienced those precious 4 miles!

You wrote:
>So in order to check this, is it right that I take off the fuel return >line from the back of the FPReg and blow into it (after >depressurising the fuel system)?

Locate the return line that is connected to the fuel pressure regulator (the that leads into the firewall) and then start your testing procedure, but first remove the gas cap and if you have someone that is able to assist you, ask them to listen for air pressure noise at the gas nozzle where the cap fits.

Hope this helps, and good luck on the test! Hope you locate your problem area before the new year, because that's my goal!

Will keep you posted as to my test results.
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