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On my 85 300D I have a block heater that was installed by the previous owner. He told me it worked fine, but that he only used it a couple of times. He always stored his vehicle in an attached heated garage. Lately up here in Michigan we have had rather cold weather and when I went to use the block heater it seemed that it really didn't help. someone told me that if I had the block heater plugged in all night, that when I turned the ignition on my temp gauge should read at least 60. Also I was told that when I first plug the block heater in, I should hear a kinda' hissing sound like a coffee pot kinda' makes. Either way I don't have either symptom. Is there a way that I could test to make sure the block heater is in fact workin'?

Thanks, fellas.

(still cryin' in my beer about my '84 500SEL)

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