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Talking "Goin' for a Spin?"

You wrote:
Don't wanna have to get another FD coz it's ridiculous (gone bad in just 2 months?)!

What was the situation with the FD that you just got 2 months ago? Had it been sitting on an engine that has not been in operation since God knows when? Was there fuel in it, and/or the lines...and were the lines connected, or did you just pick-up and pay?

I still think you should do the fuel return by-pass test. At next light I am! LOL! The minute I get positive results (good or bad....running or flooding) I'll post the results here. I'm now thinking of taking photos of my car and making prints to sell!!! LOL!! Maybe then someone can get some satisfaction out of this car!

At least you can tune your engine to drive the car! So don't feel too bad, because my engine floods so bad that in order for me to get the new tires in another spot (to prevent flat spots) I'll have to jack the car up and spin them with my hand! ....It gives new meaning to "Going for a Spin?"...huh?
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