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I picked up my FD unassembled from the engine by the time I arrived so I don't know if it's been sitting for a while, but the place of storage is indoors that's for sure.

Don't think that helps at all, but it was running well for 2 months...even managed to get 11km/litre for a couple of tanks!

On average, for the past 2 months, my fuel mileage was more or less 9 to 10 km/litre.

Before (on my old FD), I consistently got 10km/litre fuel mileage.

Yup...those were the days...sigh...

Before, the fuel mileage deteriorated over a couple of weeks.

This time, it went drastic overnight so maybe a restriction in the fuel line is what I should be gunning for!

I'll check it out.

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