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Pbc Codes

Greetings everyone. I am desperate to find the Climate control codes for a 1995 S-320. Codes for other cars arent adequate. Im trying to get the code to diagnose the pbc itself. The climate control was intermittent but is now inop.
The PBC codes show the freon press to be slightly low (i think) and thought this might be the culprit. I installed a new fan/reg from fastlane first, no help. Then found out how to retrieve codes from the pbc but I cant find the "magic decoder ring" to decipher what the pbc is showing. I brought it to a MB independant tech, what a joke!!! He tried to charge me $85 per hr. and could find nothing while telling me how complex a job it was but when I asked him what the pbc codes showed, he said "you can do that?" :-o Im ready to make lemonaid out of this frickin car!!
Thanks in advance for any link or info. Doug: eek:
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