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I have no buzzing from my frequency valve...strange how well the car runs? I can't get a reading at all of duty cycle with frequency valve plugged in-unplugged, I get about 38-42%. I'm not sure what that is saying, but next to check for a bad OVP...thanks Steve and Warren...I tested with O2 unplugged.

Would anyone know WHERE the OVP might be hiding on the 1980 450SEL? I assume I'm looking for something with a fuse on it? Perhaps it is tucked in the passenger footwell?

Edited to say that I found it, and it was in the passenger footwell behind the small vented cover that pops off. It looks quite old. Most other relays had been replaced after the jumpstarting. I think they missed this one.

Edited again to say that I popped the red cover off of the OVP and found the thin wire connecting two pins was broken/melted.

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