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single-to-dble t- chain conv. prt 3. it;s running!

Well, I finally achieved this goal I set out to do. I posted and got excellent advice via senior members. I have an 82 380 sel that had the the original sngl t-chain apparatus. The gears went in ok w/o diff; I did not have to take the left head off. Instead, I took a dremel tool and carefully machined some alum. where the dbl. distrib. gear would hit. The orig. single gear came right out. I have new h20 pump, t-chain tensioner/chain,belts, hoses, anf full bosch tune up parts. It started instantly and was only about 3 degrees off of 5 btdc. So I have a couple of questions. Iam having an oil leak I think on the lower sump pan. When I came back today from my second test run, there was oil everyware underneath. How tight should that oil pan be; I put a new gasket and used MB gasket goop on both sides. Do you have to put some on each 6mm bolt bebore you put it in the pan? I didn't go crazy w/ it. Or, could the oil be coming from the front oil seal. I replaced this one too. Could it have been damaged when torque was applied to set the balancer? Also, I don't see any oil coming from up top via v- covers. Any suggestions on something I could have missed? Finally, at 2000rpm, my speedo reads approx. 56-57mph. Does this sound correct. Iam sure the gearing is orig however, I have 15" sec wheels instead od the orig. 14" bundt ones. Thanks again to all that helped me through this: now I know why I got this car for free les
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