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That's exactly like my car, same color exterior, same color interior, same options. It has different wheels though..

I could go take a look at it if you want to and just give you my opinion of the car and how it looks.

Natick is really close to Foreign Motors West, an authorized MB dealer. A head mechanic there owns a 500E so he'd be a good person to look it over.

It's not that far from Hatch and Sons either

I'm sure they could both do a thorough inspection of the car!

I like the interior color but I'm biased

I have asked these guys questions before and never once did they bother to reply...
maybe you can try though.

and yes.. I don't trust anyone's description of a nice car. Different people have different understanding of a car's condition.

Besides dealers always tell you that these cars are nice on the phone especially.
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